La Martino Orquesta Tipica

Founded in November 2014, the orchestra was birthed due to the concerns of young Argentinian musicians- namely, the bringing of new concepts to urban music. Through the use of original compositions, as well as promoting the expression of poets and contemporary voices, the project aims to inject the Tango genre with innovative sonorities, all while retaining the genre’s characteristic essence.

The primary motivation of this group is the claim of cultural and popular identity that is currently being revived by this generation. Their work aims to establish itself in the history of Buenos Aires music- a flaming beacon signalling a new form of tango for this century.

La Martino Orquesta Tipica

Orchestra Members

  • Violins: Juan D. Villegas Restrepo – Elis Roig – Matías Benitez – Francisco Daumes
  • Viola: Lulú Garibotto
  • Cello: Nahuel Martin Garcia
  • Bandoneons: Javier Yokoo – Matias Giubergia – Luigi Raponi – Tomas Diaz
  • Piano, composicion y direccion: Nehuen Martino
  • Guitar: Leandro Antognolli
  • Doublebass: Facundo Tudisco
  • Official Singers: Nicolas Abosky – Nazarena Anahi Caceres